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We are a company specializing in heat insulation/fire-protective insulation work.

Fire-protective insulation work is a specialized work in which insulation is installed in construction structures or facilities. In other words, it is a heat/coolness retention work that meets each purpose, performed on cooling/heating equipment and plumbings of buildings and condominiums, as well as machines and pipework of factories, electric power plants, chemical plants, and other facilities, to use thermal energy efficiently without waste. It is not an overstatement to say that heat insulation is an indispensable work for a company that intends to conserve energy and resources.


An essential, precautionary measure against rainy days, also effective for energy conservation and dew condensation prevention

Heat insulation work is a highly important work required by the Fire Service Act. Heat retention work is implemented “to retain heat/coolness” to deliver “cold things cold and hot things hot.” Cold/hot water pipes used in daily lives and air-conditioning ducts that send warm/cool air are wrapped with “insulation material.” For instance, in a large building, air-conditioned cool air is delivered to various places through air-conditioning ducts. If “the coolness of the air” cannot be retained, places far from the air conditioner will not be “cooled properly.” As you can see, heat retention work is absolutely essential in “maximizing equipment functions.” As it also prevents dew condensation, it is applied to various types of buildings.

energy conservation and dew condensation prevention